RC-Club – radio controlled models club


RC-Club – radio controlled models club


Sergey Sheygas shs.tiger@mail.ru

Anatoly Glotkin starwind77@mail.ru

Contest director:

Sergey Sheygas


Ekaterina Shilova – (RUS)


Dmitriy Chaplygin  – (RUS)

Anatoly Glotkin – (RUS)

Dmitriy Sherstnev – (RUS)

Vecheslav Nefedov – (RUS)



RC-Club`s Airfield, Tushino airport, Moscow

Requirements to competitors:

Each competitor has to put to the organizers the valid national FAI license. Each competitor has to pass the registration before the deadline.

Limite 30 pilots 

Registration deadline:

June 09, 2017 y.

Registration form

Initial payment:

The initial payment total is 2500 RUB (~50 euro). Stand-up meal is included in the payment. Each competitor has to pay the payment in the course of registration.


The organizers are not responsible for any damage made by competitors to third part. Each participant must have personal insurance.


Challenge Cup, Cups and other prizes.

Rules of competitions:

The rules of competitions is corresponded to FAI sporting code section 4 volume F3. The competitions will consist of 4 preliminary flights (P-17 schedule).  Any changes in competition plan will depend on weather conditions or other acts of God. It`s allowed to use any frequency, including 2.4 GHz.

Status of competitions:

FAI World Cup Event. The winner will be declared as the Holder of RC-Club Challenge Cup. The Challenge Cup will be putted on a safekeeping to organizers` office. Taken places will not change a sportsman`s qualification position in FAI and in FAS qualification.


All protests must be given in writing and must be written on a standard form. All protests must be given to manager. All protests must be paid. The payment amount is 2500 RUB (~50 euro). The payment is refundable in case of the protest will be satisfied.


June 23, Friday

Time: 08:00 – 20:00 Training flights, Competitors registration, model processing.

June 24, Saturday

Time: 07:30 – 08:00 Competitors registration, Transmitters check-in (exclude 2,4 Hz)

Time: 08:00 – 08:15 Commencement meeting

Time: 08:15 – 19:00  preliminary flights. Schedule Р-17

Time: 20:00 –  Stand-up meal

June 25, Sunday

Time: 07:30 – 08:15 Transmitters check-in

Time: 08:15 – 16:00 preliminary flights. Schedule Р-17

Time: 16:30 – 17:00 Demonstration flights. Awarding ceremony. Solemn ceremony.


On June 25, Sunday the demonstration flights is planned. Each pilot who would like to take a part in the demonstrating flights has to pass a registration. Any kind of aerobatic models (including Jet) is allowed to. In case of schedule, organizers can reduce number of the participants of demonstration flights.