The amateur radio controlled aircraft club (RC-CLUB) was founded by several enthusiast sportsmen from Moscow in autumn 2003. In spring 2004 the club had started its work at Tushino airfield located near a Tushino subway station.

An initial sport event where pilots had been rivaling each other by a pilotage   was conducted  by the club in may 2004. From that moment the club is actively taking a part in organization and providing of various competitions for all kinds of aircraft modeling sport.

Also, from that moment it was started meetings with other clubs, friendly visits to various cities and countries. Visitation to the club by domestic and foreign sportsmen had became a routine case. Activity of leading members of the club  allows to promote friendship with sportsmen from all over the world.

In autumn 2004  the club was provided International competition in F3a class between teenagers (photo) at the club area. Bob Skin had taken a part in the competition in position of a judge. He had appreciated the competition highly. Every year the club provides about 5-6 regional, national or international competitions.

In 2010 it was announced that the RC-CLUB would provide a F3A challenge cup.

The first opened international challenge in radio controlled aerobatic aircrafts class (F3A) to RC-Club challenge cup (non qualified) was provided on 30`th july-1`st august 2010.  (photo) It was competed participation of 22 sportsmen from 4 countries. International jury which was composed of leading judges from Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia and Germany in person of Peter Ullih and Utta Ullih, had dissipated doubt about standard of competition and responsibility of organizers. Peter Ullih`s report to FAI about standard of competition had attracted attention of an international sport community to the RC-Club challenge cup. As a result, RC-Club challenge cup was acknowledged as fully satisfying to requirements of FAI.

The RC-Club challenge cup 2011 has been included to a FAI contest calendar as a world cup event!

Welcome to the RC-Club challenge cup!